The Luna Knit Story

Our original knit textile dream began in 1999, with a strong ethos for local manufacture, pure natural yarns, and a belief in sustainability and quality.      We hold fast to this ethos today.

Inspiration for knit design begins with the yarn. 

It has to be soft … yet resilient
Consistently spun with a perfect twist
Natural fibres, ethically grown & processed
Colours to inspire & Total Easy Care

Intelligent design with natural yarns knitted for feel, function, style and sustainability.

Working with Victoria's best knit technicians, Luna Gallery developed the first Couch Cardy© range – clothing for your furniture – in 2000.  The range was exceedingly well received and made it's debut in Interiors Magazine, Belle and Home Beautiful.

Photography Lisa Cohen & Styling Toni Briggs

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Luna Gal


Garments & Lounge Wear

Founder and Director, Beverley Armstrong, pooled her fashion design, marketing skills and years of ragtrade experience to create a range of simple yet stylish knitted apparel and lounge wear in 2002. 

The sensory collections were crafted, predominantly, using Shima Seiki seamless technology — no seams.  Research, design and development can take from six to twelve months, with yarn selection vital to ensure quality and durability.

We endeavour to advance our skills in producing high end quality merchandise here in Australia, with the FEEL being of utmost importance.  

Photography by Mikkel Vang

SEASONS   the best of Donna Hay

Beautiful styling by Donna Hay & Leesa O'Reilly


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Luna Niños

Knits for Babes

Exquisite Baby Knitwear

This little range is our pride and joy.

The concept:- create simple, stylish, quality knits – pure, natural fibres – wash and wear – look great when passed down – nurture and breathe.

Seamless knitting was new to Australia in 2002, but our passion for quality local manufacture led us to a knitter we would work with for 9 years.  We developed beautiful products, unique to the market place, and are forever grateful for the experience.

Our initial designs are still best sellers after 15 years.

Thank you to all the beautiful Mums who helped on our journey, and you little moon children who make our knits look so cute. xx

Stylist since dot - Louise Paterson

Fave photographer - Lucy Morton

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